Lahoma Nally-Kaye

Lahoma is an American Impressionist artist who spent her time growing up in both Pennsylvania farm country and Northern Florida. Lahoma is the product of a family of artists, with both her parents, brothers and sisters being active artists. Her biggest influences were of course the artists in her family, who always encouraged her to allow her sometimes wild imagination to guide her work. Outside of her family members, Lahoma's strongest influences come from the works of impressionist painters, and she is particularly fond of the works of Vincent VanGogh. 

Lahoma has been painting all her life, making her debut in the Spring Arts Festival in Gainesville, FL at the age of 10, however she did take a lengthy hiatus from the art world in order to work on her PhD in Sociology. In addition to painting, Lahoma teaches sociology at Colorado State University. She paints every free moment that she can, and likes to hang out with her husband, her children, and her 3 pet rabbits.